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Nursing Home for elderly and recuperate patients

     Muang Klaeng Elderly Care Center, the first nursing home in Samyan, Klaeng, Rayong, is founded on September 29th, 2018  by Dr. Worapong Kongsattayakul. Our key service is to take care of long and short-stay elderly and recuperate patients.


        Just three hours from Bangkok, our 3-acres nursing home is located in a quiet and private land and away from air and noise pollutions. This place is full of nature, trees, gardens, and more where your loved one can live here happily. We design each rooms in Japanese style to make them feel relax, cozy, and comfortable but save living here. Air-cons, fans, and TVs are in every single rooms and shared rooms. Each bathroom has enough space where handrails and nurse call buttons are installed to facilitate elderly, just in case.


     We have three packages for elderly and recuperate patients depending on their conditions.

     1) Daytime Package (Between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)


          1.1) Non-Bedridden

                   - 500 Baht for Thai citizen

                   - 700 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

           1.2) Bedridden

                    - 700 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 800 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

        Note:  Physical therapy started at 100 Baht/day by professional physiotherapists. 



     2) 24-hour Package and Holiday Package “Let us take care of your loved one while you are away on vacation”

          2.1) Non-Bedridden and can walk

                    - 900 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 1,200 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

          2.2) Non-Bedridden and need some help

                    - 900 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 1,300 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

          2.3) Bedridden

                    - 1,100 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 1,500 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

     3) Monthly Package 

          3.1) Non-Bedridden and can walk

                    - 21,000 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 34,000 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

          3.2) Non-Bedridden and need some help

                    - 23,000 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 37,000 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

          3.3) Bedridden

                    - 25,000 Baht for Thai citizen

                    - 40,000 Baht for non-Thai citizen*

Note: (1) For single room, an extra 3,000 Baht per month is excluded from monthly package (2) packages for non-Thai citizen are different from that of Thai citizen since our staff must have special skills such speaking second language to communicate and much more. (3) Physical therapy started at 100 Baht/day by professional physiotherapist. 



The following services are included in monthly and daily packages

  • Three meals and one snack per day and special meals such as blenderized diet, etc.

  • Personal closet to keep stuff, table, chair, and fan

  • Air-con, satellite TV, and more  

  • Security for 24 hours and CCTV

  • Free laundry for clothes and bedding and clean personal stuff

  • Basic fundamental nursing such as prepare medicines as doctor orders, flip the patient to avoid bedsore, etc

  • Vital signs twice a day or as doctor orders

  • Help patients for basic activities such as taking a shower, changing clothes, feeding, walking, etc

  • Daily exercise by physiotherapist after breakfast and dinner

  • Indoor and outdoor activities such as playing cards, walking around the garden in the evening, etc.

  •  Free pick-up patient for the first time (within 10 kilometer)


The following are excluded in monthly and daily packages

  • Service charge for health check-up before staying here

  • Thai massage

  • Special medical equipment and special nursing procedures

  • Physical therapy by physiotherapist 3,000 Baht per month

  • Service charge to take a patient to visit doctor as appointment

  • Personal stuff such as pampers, shower gel, shampoo, etc

  • Medicines and medical supplies such as Wound dressing equipment, diabetic injection equipment, etc



     There are six bathrooms in the building and close to bedrooms. Nurse-call buttons and handrails are installed around in each bathroom just in case they need help. Elderly can sit while taking hot shower. We designed floor level in the bathroom is the same level as that in the hallway to avoid accident while using it. For our standard, all bathrooms will get clean daily.

Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM​

Our Super Advantages

  1. Founded by certified doctor and nurse

  2. Daily basic exercise for free

  3. Professional doctor and physiotherapist on board

  4. New building, cozy with resort style, clean, and quiet

  5. Hi-tech equipment and 24-hour staff

We are a nursing home for

  1. Long-stay and short-stay elderly and recuperate patients with both bedridden and non-bedridden

  2. Long-stay paralysis and paresis patients

  3. Patients with Nasogastric Tube

  4. Long-stay for chronic patient

  5. Daytime patients

  6. And more


Our nursing home has 24-hour staff, doctor to visit weekly and daytime nurses, so your loved one will be well taken care of.

Call us today! at 085 100 5486

Room and surrounding area

     Our building is designed to facilitate elderly and recuperate patients, they will feel like living in a resort where they can have outdoor activities in the garden like walking, parties, chit-chat.

     We have single and shared rooms. If they want a privacy then they can have a single room while shared rooms can have two or four beds. In a shared room, they can close a curtain for a privacy. All in all, each bed has it own closet to keep personal stuff. Air-cons, fans, and satellite TVs are installed in every rooms.  


Single rooms

     If they want a privacy then they can live in a single room. Each single room has its own air-con, fan, satellite TV, closet, and, table. They can use a nurse-call button located near a bed to call staff.


Shared rooms

     Each bed in a shared room has its own space and closet to keep personal stuff. We put only two and four beds in each shared rooms, so they don’t feel uncomfortable living together. They can watch TV together and if they want a privacy then they can close a curtain. Of course, air-con, fans, and satellite TV are in shared rooms. We clean rooms and bathrooms every day.

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